1.  Go to ‘Shipment Order’ tab, click ‘Create Shipment Order’ button

2. Move 'Order Details' step

3. Select your warehouse. Enter your unique order code and choose a type. You can create a new type by clicking 'Create New Shipment Order Type'

4.Move 'Products' step by clicking 'Add Products' button
 5. Type your product name or SKU and click 'Add' button. Select the pack types of the product. In the Account Settings, you can edit or delete the pack types you created.
 6. Move 'Customer' step by clicking 'Add Shipping Information' button
 7. Enter your customer's info such as first name, last name, and address details
 8. Move 'Approve' step, control your shipment order's details and click 'Confirm and Place Order'

That’s it! You have now successfully created a new shipment order!

Need more info? Move for the detailed article:

Or, watch our Shipment Order demo:

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