Cancel a Shipment Order

To cancel a shipment order, go to ‘Fulfillment Pipeline’  screen. Select the order you wish to cancel.
Next, select the ‘Cancel Order’ button or drag it and drop to 'Recently Cancelled' board:

If you cancel an order in the Fulfillment Pipeline, you will see the status change reflected in the Shipment Order screen as well.

The order is moved to ‘Recently Cancelled’:

The order is now cancelled in the shipment order screen:

When you cancel a shipment order you can't take your action back. You will see the total order(s) information on the dashboard adjust out the cancelled order and the amount:

Cancel Rules

Cancel operation can be performed only in the Fulfillment Pipeline screen. If you try to cancel a shipment order that is in ‘Shipped’ status, you’ll receive a warning message.

Need more info? Watch our Shipment Order demo:

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