If you haven't completed your Shopify store connection, don't worry, you can complete it anytime. Before reading the manual you can watch the demo or you just follow the steps:


Choose your channel

To connect your Shopify store, select the ‘Integration’ tab, which is visible from all screens. You will see all sales channels, choose Shopify channel.

Connect Shopify Store

When you click the Shopify icon, you will then be prompted to define your Shopify store name.

Note, your Shopify Store Name is the beginning portion of your URL. For example, if your URL is "logiwa-dev.myshopify.com", your Store Name is ‘logiwa-dev’. For more information to find your Shopify store name, click here.
When you type your store name we will complete the URL for you:

When you select ‘Complete Setup’ a new tab will automatically open, prompting you to log in to your Shopify account:

Type your Shopify username/email and select ‘Next’, then type your password and select ‘Log in’:

You will see the following message:

Choose your download options

When the connection is successfully completed, you will see the following screen summarizing the number of products and orders that downloaded from your store.

If your Shopify store has multiple locations, you can select the location from the drop down menu. It is critical to select the correct location in Shopify so that we download the correct products, orders, and most importantly, inventory levels. For more information regarding your store locations on Shopify, click here.

You can select the following options while completing your online store setup: 

  • Download Products: When you integrate with Shopify, we will initially import all products and inventory levels into our system. Moving forward, inventory levels will be managed and adjusted through our integration with Sync Inventory service for real time inventory updates.

  • Download Orders: Shipment orders from your Shopify store are automatically created.

  • Sync Inventory: The inventory levels in MyLogiwa will automatically update inventory levels in your Shopify store.

  • Send Shipment Info To My Store: Once the order is shipped from MyLogiwa, the shipment information is sent directly to your Shopify store.

Downloading products and inventory from Shopify into MyLogiwa is mandatory and will be automatically selected. We highly recommend you to read the detailed article of the options.

Complete the setup

When you select ‘Complete Integration’, you will see the following integration management screen:

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a progress report of the import: 

In the ‘Integration Status’ box, you will see a countdown which signifies when the next sync will occur. For the below example, we know that new orders will be downloaded in 2 minutes and 2 seconds, and new products will be downloaded in 1 minutes and 2 seconds:

You cannot manually sync the orders, inventory, products, or shipment information. You must wait until the next run. 

Additionally on this screen, you can view the integration history which will tell you import information, such as status of the process or including number of errors:

Control the download details

In the ‘Integration History’ box, you can control all download details of each option. When you hover your mouse over the line, the 'Details' icon will appear, which you can select:

When you click on the 'Details' button, it will pull up a list of your successes, errors and a message explaining the errors.

What's Next?

Now you created a connection between your Shopify store and MyLogiwa. Your products, inventory and orders have downloaded. It is time to move board-view of your orders and manage your operation easily. Or you can control your download history.

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