Products can be active or passive. In MyLogiwa, if you use a product within any process of MyLogiwa, it means that this product is actively in use, so it is 'Active'.   'Passive' means that you will not purchase or sell this product.

Inactive products affect your business

When you make a product 'Passive':

  • You will not be able to search this product in any search box

  • You will not be able to create, receive, edit or delete purchase orders for this product

  • You will not be able to create, receive, edit or delete shipment orders for this product

  • You can not adjust inventory for this product, but you will still see the inventory listed in the inventory report 

To adjust a product active or passive, go to 'Product' screen. If you want to make a product passive, hover over the product you wish, and click the 'Edit' button. You can create a new product with passive status as well.

You can easily see the status of the products from the Product page:

When you create or edit a product, you can toggle ‘Is Active’ off or on.

Once the ‘Is Active’ toggle is switched to ‘Passive,’ click the ‘Save’ icon to save the changes:

If you try to add, adjust, or remove inventory from the inventory page, you will receive the following error. If you would like to manage inventory levels for this product, you must mark it as ‘Active’.

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