Once you've created products, you can edit them whenever you need to. Just follow the steps below.

Steps to Edit a Product

Screen Path: Inventory → Products

From the navigation bar at the top of the screen, select Inventory, then Products.

You will be brought to your Products page. Find the product you wish to edit and select the 3 Dots menu from the same line. Choose the Edit option.

The Edit Product sidebar will open.

You can now edit and save any field except pack type of the product. If you need to change the pack type for this product, you can follow this guide to learn how.

Note that editing the following price fields will not be reflected in open orders which include the product:

  • Sales Price

  • Purchase Price

  • Tax Rate

Other changes will be reflected in any open order's details.

Once you've made your changes, select Next to move to the Packing and Advanced tabs, which you can also edit. Select Finish when you're done editing and a confirmation message will appear.

You should see the new information reflected in your product details.

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