A Purchase Order (PO) documents the products and quantities that are sent from a vendor to a warehouse or company. It is a way to track what is planned to arrive in your warehouse and from which seller, or vendor. You can track these POs within MyLogiwa, which will provide multiple benefits to your business.


  • Track the products and quantities that are actually received in your warehouse. Use this to cross-reference what was planned to arrive in your warehouse for reconciliation with the vendor.

  • Add notes to the PO within MyLogiwa to save any important information, such as damaged goods, missing inventory, etc.

  • Add a reference number to each PO to keep track of the truck number, freight number, vendor’s PO number, etc.

  • If you have purchase price information on your products in MyLogiwa, we will automatically calculate the cost of the PO.


Creating a Purchase Order

To create a purchase order, select the ‘Purchase Order’ tab, which is visible from all screens.

To manually add a purchase order, select the ‘Create Purchase Order’ button:

You will see the four steps outlined at the top of the screen. As you continue through the steps of creating a PO, the current step you are on will be highlighted blue. As you can see, the first step is adding the order details to the PO.

Define Details of the Order
When you click the Create a Purchase Order' button, you are ready to move to the first step.

Select the warehouse where the order will be located. The PO Type and PO Date are automatically filled out, but you are able to edit them. PO Number is a mandatory field:

Reference Number and Note are for your records and can be used as you see fit.
You can choose an existing purchase order type, or create a new one by typing the description and selecting ‘Create New Purchase Order Type’. Some common Purchase Order types are Purchase Order, Planned, Returns, and Standard.

Choose the Product
Once you have added the order details, you can select the ‘Add Products’ button to move on to the second step or you can simply select the ‘Products’ header. You must type three letters of SKU or Product Name, before MyLogiwa will bring up a drop down menu for the products:

When you have added all of the products on the purchase order, select the '+ Add' button:

You can see that the ‘Price Per Item’ field is pulled automatically from the products purchase price details. If this price per item on this specific PO is different than your standard purchase price, you can change the price per item on this PO without affecting the product detail. 

As you adjust the Quantity and Price Per Item fields, you will see the total per item line as well as the overall total automatically change:

Also, you can set the product's pack type of the product used in the order from 'Pack Type' field. We would like to remind you that in the Account Settings screen, you can edit or delete the pack types you created.

Choose or Add a Vendor
Once you have added the product information, you can select the ‘Add Vendor Information’ button to move on to the third step or you can simply select the ‘Vendor’ header:

You can select a previously used vendor from the list. Or you can add a new vendor by selecting the ‘Add New Vendor’ button:

You can edit an existing vendor’s information by selecting the ‘edit’ icon:

Check All Details of The Order and Approve
When you have selected your vendor, you can select ‘Confirm Purchase Order’ and move on to the final step, Approve

This last step allows you to review the PO details and edit them if need be. Once reviewed, you can select ‘Confirm and Place Order’.

If you ever want to go back a step, you can simply select the header of the step:

When you confirm the order, you receive a confirmation message and you can return to the Purchase Order screen by selecting any of the three buttons;

-Go back to the purchase order list

-Create Another Purchase Order

-Check the PO Receiving History

Note, this does not receive the product into your warehouse yet, you will still need to receive the PO in the system when it physically arrives in order to see the product reflected in your inventory.

From this screen, you can see your new PO code in the Purchase Order list either. It will be in ‘Pending’ status until it is received.

You can see the created PO number on this screen. If you want to process this order on the Purchase Order screen, simply click on the PO code.

This action navigates to the purchase order screen with the created PO Code filter.

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