The Fulfillment Pipeline offers you a best-practice order management. With our interactive fulfillment board, you can easily move one, or a group of, orders from unfulfilled to fulfilled. 

Before reading the article, we highly recommend you watch the demo.



At first glance on the screen, you will see five different fulfillment statuses:

  • Shortage & OnHold stage: An order that could not be allocated due to no inventory or an order that you place on hold. An ‘OnHold’ order is any order that you do not wish to fulfill at the moment

  • Ready to Pack stage: An order that is unfulfilled but has inventory allocated towards it. Needs to be packed.

  • Ready to Ship stage: The order has been physically picked and packed and the package is ready to be shipped. You have to drag and drop an order to this status.

  • Recently Shipped stage: When you mark an order as ‘Shipped’ it will move to this status. ‘Shipped’ means for an order that it has physically been shipped. 

  • Recently Cancelled stage: Any order that you mark as cancelled will move to this status. 

In order to view the ‘Recently Cancelled’ stage, you must select ‘Go to next stage':



Shortage & OnHold and Ready To Pack statuses feeds orders automatically in regard to product's inventory level. You can read the detailed article about relation between inventory and orders.

You can drag and drop orders to and from the following statuses: Shortage & OnHold, Ready To Pack, Ready To Ship. All you have to do is click down on the order you wish to move, and drag it to the desired status.

If you move an order to the ‘Shortage & OnHold’ status, it will receive an “OnHold” icon. 

When you move the order back to ‘Ready to Pack’ or ‘Ready to Ship’, the ‘OnHold’ message will be automatically removed:

Before Packing Have a Look at the Order Details

Before packing an order, you may need to have a glance of the order detail. Click the order code placed under the customer name. You will see the details of the order, such as which products you need to pack and how many pieces you need to put inside.

You can print a packing slip by selecting the order and clicking ‘Print Pack List’ in the upper right-hand corner:

Ship an Order

When your packages are ready to send it to the receiver, you can add a tracking number then ship it or directly ship the order. Shipping an order means that you've physically sent the order to the customer. You can ship an order both on 'Ready to Pack' and 'Ready to Ship' statuses by clicking 'Ship Order' button. You cannot undo an order if you mark it as shipped.

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