The Fulfillment Pipeline screen has 5 status stages for orders. Shortage&Onhold is one of these stages.

An order will automatically move to the ‘Shortage&OnHold’ stage if there is not enough inventory when the order is uploaded into MyLogiwa. 

When you receive the inventory needed, the order will automatically move to the ‘Ready to Pack’ stage. You can check out our sample scenarios for these automatic moves.

An ‘OnHold’ order is any order that you do not wish to fulfill at the moment. You can simply drag it to the ‘Shortage & OnHold’ stage, and the order will automatically receive an ‘OnHold’ flag: 

When you drag it to ‘Ready to Pack’ or ‘Ready to Ship’ the ‘OnHold’ message will be automatically removed.

Orders with OnHold flag do not make any reservation on the product's inventory. They act like a Shortage order.

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