This instruction will guide you how to get ShipStation API key, ShipStation API secret and connect your ShipStation account to MyLogiwa.

Require: You must have ShipStation account
Note:  ShipStation and MyLogiwa integration works for only domestic deliveries. 

Step 1: Getting ShipStation API Key and ShipStation API Secret

Login to your ShipStation account, on the top right of the screen, click on setting icon, then click on Account menu, sub-account menu will be displayed. Select API setting menu, you can see the keys in API Keys section. If not, click on Generate API Keys button, the API Keys will be generated.

Step 2: Connect your ShipStation account to MyLogiwa

Now you go to Integrations module in MyLogiwa

Click “Connect Now” to connect to ShipStation. Then, enter the Key and Secret which you get from ShipStation. 

Once done, click “Complete Setup”.

If you type your key or secret falsely, you will see the message on the pop-up.

If your ShipStation API Key and Secret are correct, you will be directed to the detail screen. You can see the shipment methods and packages of the carriers. 

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