MyLogiwa enables you to connect your carriers to your inventory management partner. So you can get a rate or label easily. 

To get a rate or label, you need to set up your carrier first. Then you can create your labels continuously. 

Go to the Screen

When you have a ShipStation setup, you'll be able to see the Get Label button on the Shipment Order screen and Fulfillment Pipeline screen. Get Label button allows you to open the Get Rate and Label screen. 

Choose the order that you want to get a rate list or a rate, then click the Get Label button. 

Get a Rate List

Mandatory fields to get a rate

  1. Ship From 

  2. Ship To and Customer name and Surname

  3. Shipping Service

  4. Package

  5. Weight

In the screen configure your shipping options and choose ALL for Shipping Service. ALL option will allow you to see the entire rate list for the carrier. When you click the Get Rate button, we will list all rates for the shipping services of the carrier. 

Check the list, and choose the proper rate by clicking Apply Rate button. Your shipping service choice will change with the selected rate's shipping service. 

Get a Rate 

To get a rate for a specific service of the carrier, simply choose the shipping service which you want to get a rate. Then configure the Package, Weight, and Dimension. When you click the Get Rate button, you will see only one rate for the selected service.

Save the Configuration 

After you get a rate, we recommend you Save your selections. If you don't save your selections, you will lose the configuration.

Create label for a shipment order
Void Labels

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