If you never planned to track stock on a particular product, you may not have SKUs. MyLogiwa can auto generate SKUs for your products during setup to get you started quickly.

SKU is short for Stock Keeping Unit. It is also sometimes known as the product code. It is a unique number that you can use internally to track your inventory. We need to emphasize that it is not a barcode for a product.

If you are selling products, it is important to set up your inventory management software correctly. One of the most important steps of it is SKU generation.

Why do SKUs matter?

When you identify your products correctly, for you and others, it'll be easier to find, search, filter, and reference products from lists, order forms, etc. 

Every product should have it’s own unique SKU. It acts like an abbreviation for a product. 

Create SKUs that work for you

Make them simple enough so others would understand them. Use the category area to group the products together and use the attributes part for the unique values.

Once you have your SKUs set up correctly you should find it much easier to manage orders and product lists.

What's Next?

We collect examples of good SKUs!

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