Each day, there are more than 500 million parcel or freight shipments trying to reach their receivers in the United States. However, in order to arrive at the 155 million addresses in the United States, the contact information on those packages must be correct. This is the address verification at its core!

Unfortunately, not all deliveries arrive at their recipient on time. In fact, most missed delivery relates to the incorrect shipping address or point of contact.
To smooth delivery, it’s important to be sure that you are getting a valid address from your customers so that you’ll be able to ship their orders to the correct location. The last thing you want to do is ship your goods to a nonexistent or wrong address. Besides unhappy customers, your warehouse will need to deal with the returned packages, and depending on which carrier you shipped with. 


At all times; on all occasions.

Anytime you are shipping a product to a customer, the first step should be address verification. But MyLogiwa takes this step back and validates the address instantly when it's created. This way, they can correct any mistakes before leaving the fulfillment flow.

What can I do to verify addresses?

When you use MyLogiwa, there is nothing on your responsibility for address verification but only fix the errors. When your orders are created or any address is updated we will send the address Lob.com which is a common address verification and correction service. Lob.com will return us the address with its deliverability status and corrected version. MyLogiwa will show you the deliverability status of the address.

Besides verification, MyLogiwa's address verification provider, Lob.com, corrects addresses. If the address status is deliverable, the customer address will also be corrected, the unnecessary second line is deleted or postal code is confirmed or etc..

Whenever the address validation is uncertain, the address is not corrected, the original address remains, and validation service returns usually a message such as “ZIP and city are mismatched”.

What else? 

Another important unit of the address is its type. MyLogiwa's verification provider returns whether the address is residential (someone’s home) or commercial ( a business). 

Carriers can use address types to define shipping costs. MyLogiwa gets this information and updates the address to avoid you higher prices. When getting rates, you can use the address type to pick the right carrier for the package and avoid surprise charges after you’ve shipped your packages.

Common Address Mistakes?

Most address mistakes are related with simple typing errors or missing information. But the simple error can have huge consequences. In most situations, the following subjects are the ones that cause carriers headaches and lead to delayed or missed delivery of shipments. 

  • The recipient information has a single name, not the last name or or 2-part company name.

  • The shipment is missing a secondary address line, such as an apartment or suite number, or incomplete street name.

  • Many US states have a five-digit primary zip code and a four-digit extension. No four-digit zip code is one of the most common error.

  • Use of non-English characters.

  • ‘Address Line 1' includes unnecassary information such as suite/apartment/unit number/etc. They should be on ‘Address Line 2’, not ‘Address Line 1'.

  • The street name is misspelled or missing information. For example ‘Cavanaugh’ instead of ‘Cavanaugh St.’

  • Too much information is included in street address. For example ‘1223 Briarcliff Avvenue Gallatin’ instead of ‘1223 Briarcliff Avvenue'

  • Abbreviations used when they shouldn’t be ‘Co Rd 144’ instead of ‘Country Road 144’

  • Missing the 4-digit zip code extensio. For example ‘10009’ instead of ‘10009-4153’

What's Next?

When the address is sent to verification service, a status is created to indicate the condition of the address. Learn more about address verification statuses.

Stock control key indicators are explained!

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