To void a label, first, you need to have a label.  If you have only a rate on a shipment order, it means that there is no created label for the order.
You can void label on the Fulfillment Pipeline, Shipment Order and Get Rate and Label screens.

Select the Order

On the screen, choose the order you want to cancel labels. If the order has a label, you will see the Void Label button upper side on the screen.

Shipment Order screen:

Fulfillment Pipeline screen: 

Get Rate and Label screen:

Void Label

When you select the order, click the Void Label button. A sidebar will open on the right side of the screen.
You will see the Order Code and Tracking Numbers. 

Void Label fields: 

  1. Order Code

  2. Carrier / Shipping Service

  3. Tracking Number

  4. Rate

Choose the tracking numbers want to cancel, then click the Void Label button.

When you void a label, we will send a refund request to the carrier. Refunds are provided by the postage provider that you purchase the label from.


Refunds are issued by the postage provider!
Please contact your carrier or postage provider directly to inquire about the status of refunds, determine why a void request was unsuccessful, or ask questions about your postage billing history.

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