Get Label and Rate screen is the screen for creating shipping labels and get rates. You can open this screen if you have a carrier setup, if you have no carrier setup you will not have access to the screen.

There are 2 options to reach this screen:

1. Fulfillment Pipeline: 

Select an order card and click the Create Label button. 

2. Shipment Order:
Select an order on the grid and click the Create Label button.

Get Rate and Label Screen


1. Ship From: The Ship From location is the address where your packages ship from. This information is required for getting rate and creating label. We'll fill this field with your default shipping address for the account. You can create your shipping address on Account settings. 

2. Ship To: The Ship To location is the address where your packages will ship. Recipient address information, recipient name and surname details should be on the order.

3. Carrier: You can choose the carrier provider. 

4. Shipping Service:  The available services will depend on the carrier you choose.

5. Package: The available package types will depend on the carrier and shipping service you have selected. After you select a shipping service, you can choose a package type.

6. Weight: Type the weight of your package. If products placed on order have weight info, we will calculate the order weight automatically. 

7. Dimensions: Dimensions are required for all services that use dimensional or volumetric weight. Without dimension, you can get a rate, but we recommend you type dimensions of your packages since many carriers can charge additional bills.

8. Confirmation: You can choose a confirmation type for your deliveries.

9. Insurance Type: Available options will depend upon your selected carrier. 

Shipsurance: Shipstation's discount insurance provider. This option will charge insurance to the same credit card used for your ShipStation subscription.

Carrier insurance: Add insurance provided by the carrier. Set the amount above the default amount.

Provider: If you have 3rd party insurance, you can indicate so here. We'll send this info to the carrier and there will be no other function within for the carrier.

10. Insured Value: This field will be available when you select an insurer. 

11. Scheduled Pick Up Date ( Scheduled Ship Date): You can choose an available shipping date for your carrier to pick your packages on that date.

12. Products: This part lists the items on the order which you will pack.

Action Buttons

1.Print Packing Slip: This button allows you to get a packing slip for the order. You can save the packing slip or directly print it. Read more for the options.

2. Void Label: This button allows you to void your bought labels. You can choose labels to want to cancel. When you void a label we'll send this request to the carrier for refund. You can read more about canceling a label.

3. Re-Print Label: This button allows you to print labels again. You can choose the label you want to print. You can read more about printing labels.

4. Get Rate: When you fulfill your shipping configurations you can get a rate for a selected shipping service or you can get a rate list for a selected carrier. You can read more about the rate and rate list. 

5. Get Label: When you fulfill your shipping configurations you can get a label for the configuration. You can read more about creating a label

What's Next?

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