• If you select a country other than the US,  you'll notice a new address verification logo next to the customer which says it's an International Address.

  • We'll send your shipment orders' carrier and tracking number details to your Shopify store when you ship it. Just remember, be sure that your Send Shipment Info to My Store option is active. 

  • Price and quantity fields are changed to numeric textbox type. Everyone loves it! 

  • From now, you won't lose your selected orders if you edit these orders. After you edit an order, you can find that order so easily on the screen.  

  • After you get a label from a carrier, you'll be able to choose the print way! You can print that label, review the label and download that label. We added them too! 


  • We adjusted the "Last 30 Days" is the default filter for Growth Metrics on the Dashboard screen.

  • The import function on all screens has been reworked.

  • On the Fulfillment Pipeline screen, we removed one of the tracking number field. You can still see your tracking numbers under the "Shipment Summary" field. 


  • On the Shipment Order screen, when a label is voided, tracking numbers and carrier information was still visible on the screen until a new refresh. It is fixed. 

  • There was a multiple grid selection problem for products on the Shipment Order, Purchase Order and Get Rate and Label screens. It is fixed.  

  • There was no Carrier Package list on the Shipstation setup screen. Now, you can see the available carrier packages on the ShipStation management screen.

  • On the Get Rate and Label screen, the Insurance Type list was empty for new orders. We fixed it. Now, you can select insurance types. 

  • The issue that occurred when returning to an old session was resolved. 

Everything else is fine. (Ok, we hope.)

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