Account settings is a screen that you can find many options to help you manage basic account preferences. You can change your currency and email notification.

Follow these steps to go your Account Defaults


1.Click the arrow button near your account name field. Click the Settings button and Choose 'Account Settings'.

MyLogiwa provides the following account defaults.

1. Base Currency 

When you change the currency, the currency of all historical data changes. Please note that, we don't apply exchange rates in currency exchange. We just change the currency unit.

After changing the base currency, you can control your prices with the selected currency. It helps you track your products and orders on a price basis. The most important feature of currency change is that it changes all historical currencies.

MyLogiwa includes 6 base currency. Changing account base currency is effects to all screens on MyLogiwa. Currently, supported currencies are: 

  • U.S. Dollar (USD) $

  • European Euro (EUR) €

  • Canadian Dollar (CAD) $

  • Pound Sterling (GBP) £

  • Indian Rupee (INR) ₹

  • Turkish Liras (TRY) ₺

  • Singapore Dollar (SGD) $

  • Philippine Piso (PHP) ₱

  • Pakistani Rupee (PKR) Rs

NOTE: Currency preference can be set for 3PL clients. To Learn more move to this article

2. Email Notification Frequency

When you open the email notification for your account, the Owner of the account starts getting emails based on the selected frequency.

  • Weekly = Evey Friday, the client gets an email for the last 7 days' activity.

  • Daily = The client gets an email every day for daily activity.

  • Never = Activities will not be sent.

An example of the email.

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