Each carrier or postage provider integration page includes a list of integration features, and whether that feature is supported in ShipStation for that integration.

The tables below contain definitions for the features to help you understand the options and the functionality available for a carrier integration you already have or are thinking about adding.

Common Features

1.Domestic Shipping

The carrier integration can be used to create domestic shipping labels for United States.

2.International Shipping (Not Available)

International Shipping means that the origin is US and receiver is placed on another country. International Shipping is not available right now. 

3.Estimated Rate List

MyLogiwa will display estimated shipping rates for a carrier based on the connected account information and shipment details.

4. Carrier Insurance

Based on the selected carrier, insurance provider and value can be added to the shipment. MyLogiwa will send this information to the carrier.

5. Tracking Numbers

Shipping labels created for this carrier will include a tracking number that can be used to view the shipment status on the carrier's tracking website. There is no option on MyLogiwa right now for the direct link to open tracking number's page, you can use this tracking number on the carrier's tracking website.

6. Package Options

List of package options for the selected carrier is supported for label creation in MyLogiwa. The shipping carrier may restrict the package type based on the shipping service or other shipment details (such as weight etc.).

7. Confirmation Options

List of confirmation options supported for label creation in MyLogiwa. The shipping carrier may restrict the confirmation type based on shipping service, additional carrier insurance, or other shipment details.

8. Batch Shipping

You can get rates or create labels for many orders at once using a process called Batching. This operation activates automatically if you choose more than more orders at the same time.

9. Void Label

Void label operation is necessary for refund operation. When a label is canceled, MyLogiwa informs the carrier for refund. Carrier where the label was originally purchased from processes the refund operation.

10. Return Labels (Not Available)

Return labels are not available right now.

11. End of Day (Not Available)

Some carriers require shipping manifests that list all shipments for that carrier each day. End of Day process closes shipments for certain carriers and print the carrier's form, which can then be handed to the carrier's driver and scanned. End of Day report is not available right now.

12. Multi-package Shipping (Not Available)

Multi-package shipping refers to multiple individual packages linked together into a single shipment record with a master tracking number. Multi-package Shipping is not available right now.

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