Stock Keeping Unit, aka SKU, is also sometimes known as the product code. But actually it is a unique number that you can use internally to track your inventory.

In MyLogiwa, you can create SKU numbers automatically while creating products. There are 2 ways to do that.

1. Open the Option on the Product Settings

If you want to generate SKUs continuously, there is an option for that In MyLogiwa.
Go to Account Settings-> Product Defaults screen. You'll see the Auto SKU Generation part. Select the 'Create my product SKU automatically' option.

How Auto SKU Generation Works?

When you save 'Create my product SKUs automatically' selection, MyLogiwa starts to create SKU for every manually created product.

On the Product screen, you'll see an indicator that says 'Auto SKU will be created' and a settings icon. Leave the SKU field empty,  SKU will be created based on the entered data when you save the product.

SKU Generation

When the settings icon exists in the field, you can understand that SKU will be created automatically and leave the field empty.

SKU generation uses the following system.

  • SKU as a prefix 

  • Product Name

  • Product Type

  • Identical number for the product.

  • 3 characters for each of the field

  • " - " as a separator

Let's say you have a product with name 'Black Stone Necklace' and type 'Accessories', then your generated SKU will be:

Black Stone Necklace,  Accessories  = SKU-BLA-ACC-154428

Let's say you have a product with name 'AloeVera Face Mask' and type 'Skin Care', then your generated SKU will be:

AloeVera Face Mask, Skin Care = SKU-ALO-SKI-22155

Let's say you have a product with name 'Softening Face Cream' and no product type, then your generated SKU will be:

Softening Face Cream, --  = SKU-SOF-268648

Edit or Type a New SKU

After SKU is created, you can edit the SKU on the Product Edit sidebar. 

Even if Auto SKU Generation is active, you can type your SKU if you want. There is no restriction to type your own defined SKU while creating a product. When you type your own SKU, we will save it as you typed, no auto-SKU will be created.


  1. When you activate Auto SKU Generator, auto-SKU will be created only for manually created products. Imported products and channel store products are not affected. 

  2. You need to type SKU codes on the Product Import file.

  3. We'll get the SKU code from your channel store while downloading products.

  4. This option is only advised if you sell on a single sales channel, or if you have a relatively small number of listings (under 100 listings). This is because you will need to manually link your product's listings to the autogenerated SKUs in MyLogiwa. This can be a waste of time for even a low number of SKUs. There is no way for MyLogiwa to auto-link autogenerated SKUs to existing listings that have no SKUs.

2. Download SKU Generator Excel Template

If you want to create bulk SKU codes for your product catalog, you can use our Excel template. It will help you more to create SKU for an excessive number of products.

What's Next?

We collect examples of good SKUs!

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