• OMG! We are super excited to announce Amazon integration

  • Do you remember that we don't have an image column on the products screen? These times are over! Now, you can see the first picture of your product on the screen! Yes! 

  • Have you forgotten your status when editing your shipment order? Do not be angry with us, we listened to you and added your order status. You can see the status of your order while editing!



  • The comma (,) used in the image URLs caused errors for the image on the Products screen. We fixed it. You can now use commas in the URLs of your images.

  • If you use Microsoft Edge, we were having a crashing problem on the print label popup. We fixed that. You can check the Microsoft Edge permissions for more details.

  • Using less than 3 characters for product pack type was causing a problem for the SKU generator . We have solved this too.

  • We fixed an issue that caused problems in the note field for shipment orders.

  • In the rate filter, the criterion of lower than or equal did not take the limit value. We fixed this.

  • Mobile responsive problems have been fixed. 

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