After you get a label from a carrier, the Print Label popup appears. On that pop-up, you can print the label, preview in a new tab, or download the label.

This popup behaves differently from browser to browser. These browsers are 

In this article, we'll describe Microsoft Edge permissions for Print Label. If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser, print permissions will be like: 

By clicking Print Label, the Print PDF File popup opens. In this popup, you can select your printer, page orientation, how many copies you want to print of the label, pages and scale. You can print the label by clicking the Print button. Also by clicking the Cancel button you can go back to the Print Label popup. 


The Preview option works completely different from Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. After you select the Preview option in the Microsoft Edge browser, the system asks you a question. 

You can open the label from the new tab to see the label or you can save your label to your computer. The choice is yours. 

Download Label 

Using the Download Label option, you can download your label into your computer. Please remember that you need a PDF file to see your label after you download your label. This is required for all browsers.

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