Multi-Channel FBA Process

About Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)

Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) service allows you to sell products on other channels (like Shopify, Amazon, Etsy), while still getting FBA to fulfill these orders.

You can use MyLogiwa Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment integration to send orders from your other channels (like Shopify, Magento, and more) to FBA, so they can pack and ship the orders for you.

How the MyLogiwa & Amazon FBA integration work?

Multi-Channel Amazon Fulfillment is a subfeature of Amazon FBA. You need to have an Amazon FBA setup or you can enable Amazon MCF later.

  1. Send all or some of your inventory directly to an Amazon fulfillment center where they sort and store the products.

  2. When customers order products on your website or another third-party sales channel, pull them on MyLogiwa. If you have channel integration we'll download them automatically, or you can create sales order manually.

  3. Go to the Shipment Order screen, choose the orders.

  4. Click the button called Ship With Amazon FBA.

6. We'll send the orders directly to Amazon FBA.

7. If orders meet the Amazon MCF order requirements, Amazon returns to us to say orders are accepted. If an order does not meet the requirements, Amazon will not accept the order to ship to the customer.

8. Is orders are accepted by Amazon FBA, sit back and relax while Amazon ships your order out.


The shipping country needs to match the FBA region that your trying to ship from. We currently support FBA regions for US, CA, BR. Please reach us for more regions

What Happens When Amazon FBA Accept Your Order?

After Amazon FBA confirm that the order is deliverable, we start tracking order statuses on Amazon.

To track the statuses, the "Track Order Statuses on FBA" parameter should be active.

  1. Once the order is sent MyLogiwa is then waiting for confirmation from Amazon that it has allocated stock to that order. Until the confirmation is given, we don't change anything on the order. We're highly suggesting you not to change anything on the order

  2. After Amazon has allocated stock on its facility, the order status in MyLogiwa is updated to Ready to Pack and order's warehouse change to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

  3. When Amazon starts picking and packing the order, the order status in MyLogiwa is updated to Ready to Ship as we're waiting to ship the order by Amazon.

  4. Once Amazon ship the order, we automatically mark the order as Shipped in MyLogiwa include a tracking number.

  5. After the order is shipped on MyLogiwa, we'll send the shipment info to the original sales channel of the order to mark it "Fulfilled".

What Happens If Amazon FBA does not Accept Your Order?

If orders don't meet the Amazon fulfillment requirements, Amazon FBA doesn't accept the order to pick, pack, and send it to the customer.

  1. Your order may be Invalid on Amazon FBA.

If Amazon FBA returns that the order is invalid to be fulfilled, MyLogiwa doesn't change anything on the order. The order remains as how it was before sending it to Amazon FBA.

2. Your order may be Unfulfillable on Amazon FBA.

In the beginning, Amazon FBA accepts your order to fulfill. If Amazon fulfillment center workers find an issue that is not letting to ship the order while picking or packing the order, Amazon FBA returns that order is not fulfillable. In this case,

Mylogiwa takes the order's back from the Amazon FBA warehouse. The order turns to Default Warehouse from the Amazon FBA warehouse. The order's status rearranges based on the inventory level on the Default Warehouse.

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