MyLogiwa can download your Products and Variant SKUs directly from your Shopify store and add them to the Products screen in MyLogiwa. This is a great way to update your products and stock levels quickly!

When you choose to Download Products from the Shopify store connection screen, MyLogiwa will take care of the following:

  • Add any SKUs that are not already included in your MyLogiwa Products screen.

  • Set the initial stock level for newly added SKUs. These stock levels will match those in your Shopify store.

  • If you have Products with Variants SKUs, we'll create new products for corresponding Variants.

  • If you have

For MyLogiwa to track your products, each product must have a unique SKU in Shopify and should be set to "Tracks this products inventory" on the product details page in Shopify. This allows you to see the available stock values in Shopify and MyLogiwa.

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