Things to Remember

Before setting up the integration, please ensure that the base currency in MyLogiwa and that of your sales channel account are the same.

If this is the first store you are connecting to MyLogiwa, we highly recommend connecting the store with the most complete product catalog.

If this an additional store we recommend you check and update your product SKU codes so your products can be linked in MyLogiwa. This will prevent any duplicate products being created. Find out more here.

To learn how to find Seller ID and MWS Auth Token, move to this article.


What's Available for Amazon FBA

When you integrate with Amazon FBA, the Amazon FBA warehouse is automatically created as a Virtual Warehouse (External Warehouse) within MyLogiwa.

Your orders and inventory on Amazon FBA, will be created to Amazon FBA external warehouse within MyLogiwa.

Here are a few useful options to manage Amazon FBA integration:

  • Download Products: MyLogiwa automatically downloads new products from Amazon FBA based on their Seller SKU.

  • Download Orders: MyLogiwa automatically downloads new shipment orders from Amazon FBA to MyLogiwa.

  • Download Inventory: Regularly we'll download the inventory from Amazon FBA.

Download Products

MyLogiwa creates unique products depending on its SellerSKU in the Amazon FBA. SKU is the code that identifies the product within your business. Be sure that every product has its own unique SKU numbers.

  • While downloading products, we will search for an existing product that has the same Seller SKU on Mylogiwa, and does not create a new product for it. If there is no matching SKU, MyLogiwa'll create a new product.

  • If your product has no Seller SKU on it, we'll use the Name of the product as a SKU in MyLogiwa. If your product's Seller SKU and Name are both empty, MyLogiwa cannot create it and gives you a warning on the 'Integration History' part of Analytics page. You can read how to control your download history.

  • We'll download the products every 15 minutes. New products will be created and updates on.

  • When you change the following fields of the product on the store, it is reflected in MyLogiwa.

Price: It is the sales price of the product
Image: It is the image of the product on MyLogiwa.
Name: It is equal to Name and Description fields of the product on MyLogiwa

If you change any field of the product on MyLogiwa, these changes will not affect the product of the store.

Download Inventory

While downloading inventory, we'll create Amazon FBA warehouse as a virtual warehouse (external warehouse). Your inventory on Amazon FBA will be placed on Amazon FBA warehouse within MyLogiwa.

  • We'll download inventory levels from Amazon FBA every 15 minutes.

  • You can not add, remove, or adjust inventory of Amazon FBA virtual warehouse.

Download Orders

MyLogiwa downloads every new sale order from Amazon FBA.

  • We'll download orders from Amazon FBA every 15 minutes.

  • MyLogiwa downloads only 'Pending', 'Unshipped' and 'Partially Shipped' orders from Amazon FBA. Cancelled orders do not download to MyLogiwa.

  • Amazon FBA orders are not available to operate in MyLogiwa. You can not edit, ship, cancel, get a label, or etc. for the order.

  • Amazon FBA orders will not be listed on the Fulfillment Pipeline screen.

  • We'll keep tracking the order status on Amazon. When an order is Shipped but Amazon FBA, we'll ship the order on MyLogiwa as well. You'll see the order status as Shipped on MyLogiwa. The stock levels for the FBA virtual warehouse in MyLogiwa will automatically be updated.

  • After an order is downloaded to MyLogiwa, if it is cancelled on Amazon FBA, MyLogiwa marks the order as Cancelled as well.

  • Besides a new order, changes made to an existing order will be reflected during order download. For example when Shipping Address of order is changed, you will see the same changes on MyLogiwa.

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