FBA orders always import into MyLogiwa as Ready to Pack. Amazon will automatically update stock in Amazon FBA warehouse to match their stock levels regularly.

MyLogiwa downloads only 'Pending', 'Unshipped' and 'Partially Shipped' orders from Amazon FBA. Cancelled orders do not download to MyLogiwa. When an Amazon order is PartiallyShipped, Amazon will automatically break it into two orders. We'll create the order with only unshipped products within, we don't add the shipped products to the order.

Amazon FBA orders are not available to operate in MyLogiwa. You can not edit, delete, ship, cancel, or get a label for an Amazon FBA Order. Amazon FBA will pick, pack, fulfill, and ship the order to the customer for you.

We track FBA order status on Amazon regularly. When an order is shipped by Amazon FBA, we'll ship the order on MyLogiwa as well. The stock levels for the FBA virtual location in MyLogiwa will automatically be updated.

After an order is downloaded to MyLogiwa, if it is cancelled on Amazon FBA, MyLogiwa marks the order as Cancelled as well.

Prices for Pending Orders may be incorrect. Once the credit card details tied to the order have been confirmed on Amazon FBA, the order price will automatically be updated.

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