• Multi-Channel Fulfillment integration is available for Amazon FBA. On Mylogiwa you can send third-party sold orders ( such as Shopify, Amazon, your website, etc. ) to Amazon FBA, so they can pack and ship the packages to the customer.

  • Very exciting! You can create your own screens by changing the columns. We have created a column structure on our screens that can be dynamically selected and hidden. Hide the columns you don't want, show the columns you want! With just one button!

  • Added sorting function to Seller SKU on the Products Listings screen.

  • Added SKU and Name columns on the Products Listings screen.

  • From now, if you have an Amazon connection, you can select the Amazon credential option to connect your Amazon FBA easily and fastly. You can see this option on the Amazon FBA connection popup on the Integration screen.


  • When you want to start Shopify and Amazon integration, we show the confirmation pop-up presented to your approval. We don't want you to do anything wrong.

  • We brought back the manually addable tracking number field for the cards in the Fulfillment Pipeline page.

  • General improvements for integration download processes.

  • Orders which will be fulfilled by Amazon FBA and inventories stored on Amazon FBA warehouse are not updateable by a user on MyLogiwa. The transaction buttons in the Inventory screen such as add- adjust-remove are hidden for the FBA warehouse. The transaction buttons in the Shipment Order screen such as edit, delete, etc. are hidden for the Amazon fulfilled orders. Amazon FBAintegration updates orders and inventory levels.

  • We write the information of how many setups are made in the Shopify and Amazon buttons on the integration page.

  • The default Excel file in SKU Generator has been changed.


  • When the menu and profile windows were opened simultaneously, they had an overlap problem. This problem was encountered especially on mobile and tablet platforms.

  • If the products were coming through a Purchase Order import or Shipment Order import; the products' pack types couldn't be seen on the Products and Inventory screen. We fixed that problem.

  • When a shipment order is created, the order's order type couldn't be seen on the Shipment Order screen. The problem is fixed.

  • If a shipment order was in the shortage status, when we increase the product quantity that is used in the order; the order was going duplicated to the ready to pack stage on the Fulfillment Pipeline screen. There were two same order cards on the screen. We fixed that duplicated problem.

  • Fixed duplicated tab problem that caused by print labeling on the Get Batch and Label screen.

  • We fixed our count problems in Inventory import. Now the number of success gives the correct numbers.

  • The number of products and orders downloaded in integration sometimes was not giving the correct number in the Integration History field. We worked hard for this but we solved it!

  • Fixed the character limitation in the Store Name field entered during Shopify integration. The character limit has been increased from 30 to 60.

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