When you send an order to Amazon FBA with 'Ship with Amazon FBA' button on the Shipment Order screen, we'll send the order to Amazon FBA directly.

The order must meet the following requirements to be accepted and shipped by Amazon FBA:

  • FBA listings must be active on Amazon.

  • FBA must have sufficient stock for the entire order.

  • The customer's shipping address must match the country of the FBA warehouse.

  • Order(s) must be paid.

  • Order(s) must not have packing slips or shipments.

  • Order(s) must be open.

  • Order(s) must have shipping and billing addresses (street address, city, state, country, ZIP).

  • Order(s) must have a recipient name (Customer Name, Last Name, Email).

  • States must be two characters on the shipping address (e.g., CA, NY, NC).

  • Items classified as Small and Light are not supported due to Amazon restrictions.

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