1. Once an order has been imported from a Sales Channel, or manually created within MyLogiwa, go to Shipment Order screen and choose the "Ship with Amazon FBA" button.

2. You’ll see a notification indicating the order is about to send to Amazon FBA. When you approve that we'll send orders to Amazon FBA.

Before sending the order to Amazon FBA, please ensure all requirements on the order are filled and correct. Some of the requirements are as following, please read the original file.

  • A valid country name or country code

  • Address 1, zip code, and state must be present

  • SKUs in the Sales Order must also exist in your FBA account

  • The Ship-to country must be the same as the originating FBA location

3. If the orders meet the requirements, Amazon FBA accepts your orders to fulfill.

This will automatically create a sales order in FBA, with all the order information.

At this point, we'll change the order warehouse to the Amazon FBA warehouse and order status to Ready to Pack on MyLogiwa. You’ll see a notification on the Integration History which indicating the order has been received by FBA.

4. Once the Order has started being processed by FBA, you’ll see the order status is turned to Ready To Ship.

5. Once the order has been completed and shipped out of the FBA warehouse, the sales order on MyLogiwa will automatically be updated to Shipped status, and tracking details will be added to the shipment order.

We'll send the shipment info to the order's source channel to Fulfill it on the channel as well.


  1. Once the Order has started being processed by FBA, all MyLogiwa functions are disabled on MyLogiwa as Amazon FBA will automatically update the status of the Shipment on MyLogiwa.

  2. Once the Order has started being processed by FBA, you'll not see these orders on the Fulfillment Pipeline screen as Amazon FBA is packing orders.

  3. If you need to cancel an Amazon Seller Central order, or an Amazon MCF order the order must be canceled on Amazon first.

  4. While Amazon FBA is picking your order if any problem occurs, Amazon FBA cancels the order fulfillment. In this situation, we'll take back all Amazon FBA updates from the order. You can track the status updates on the Integration -> Integration History screen.

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