In this guide, we will show how to generate the required credentials to connect your Amazon account to MyLogiwa.

Get Your Amazon MWS Information

Before starting the connection process of Amazon FBA, you will need your Marketplace ID, Seller ID, and WMS Auth Token from the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS). To get this information, you have to do a few things as indicated in the steps:

1.Go to Sign in to the correct Amazon MWS site so that you can access your Seller ID, AWS Access Key ID and Secret. This will depend on which country your Amazon store is linked to. To go to correct Amazon MWS click the link:

Amazon Canada
Amazon Mexico
Amazon US
Amazon BR

2. After log into your Amazon seller account, under the Appstore menu click the Manage Your Apps option.

3. At the page, click the 'Authorize a new developer' button.

4.. In the 'Developer's Name' type "LA Software"; In 'Developer's ID', put in '4386-6161-9270'.
PS: This DeveloperID is for CA, US, BR, MEX marketplaces. For others, please get in touch with the support team:

5. Click the Next button to proceed to the license agreement page. Accept the Amazon MWS License Agreements and click the Next button.

6. At the end of the process, Amazon will generate your account identifiers. You will see a 'Seller ID', and 'MWS Auth Token'.

7. Copy SellerID and MWS Auth Token, you will need these keys to set up the integration.

8. If you need more help, please follow the instruction on Amazon to acquire access and secret key

9. With the keys, go back to MyLogiwa Amazon connect page, input: 'Seller ID' and the 'MWS Auth Token'.

Go to MyLogiwa Integration Screen

If you have followed the instructions correctly, you will now be able to connect to Amazon FBA.

  1. Go to Integration screen, and click the Amazon logo

2. Choose "Fulfilled by Amazon" logo

3. If you already have Amazon Seller Central integration, you can select "Use my current Amazon credentials for Amazon FBA connection." option. Then we automatically use Amazon Seller Central credentials to connect Amazon FBA.

If you don't have Amazon Seller Central integration, fill the SellerID and MWS Auth Token fields on the popup.

4. When you are sure that the credentials are correct, click the "Complete Setup" button.

What's Next?

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