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  • We added the Product Catalogue parameter to channel integrations. You can choose one of your store as a base product resource for your listings.

  • We start pulling the phone number of customers from sales channels. You will now be able to add a phone number for orders you create. We'll send the customer's phone number to the carrier for label info as well.

  • Now that, when you want to print batch labels at the same time, you can preview and print them on a single PDF document.

  • We changed the structure of Print Packing Slip! You can now receive packing slips for batch orders on the Print Packing Slip buttons!

  • You can preview and print a packing slip and a label of an order on a single PDF document. You can do that for batch order as well.


  • We changed the messages in the confirmation pop-up that appears before completing a channel integration setup.

  • We've changed the sequence of running channel parameters on the Integration Analytics screen. Accordingly, the sequence will be on a channel basis first then active channel parameters.

  • Integration Analytics screen is now able to hold 15 rows per table.

  • We've added a pager to the Integration Analytics screen.

  • If you already have Shopify setup, on the Configuration page you'll not see the order and product count on the screen. You can only see this information when starting a new Shopify store setup.

  • We changed the sequence in the Growth Metrics table on the Dashboard screen. The sequence has been updated to Gross Margin, Cost of Goods Sold, and Average Order Amount.


  • The "Next Run" countdown in the Integration Analytics screen were moving to the right side of the column and distorting the image. We fixed this problem.

  • We've added the missing columns to the Product screen's tablet view.

  • On some pages, you were waiting for unnecessary loading processes. We have resolved this issue, and now you will be able to do your job quickly without these loading screens.

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