Once you want to print a packing slip, make sure that you disabled the pop-up blocker for MyLogiwa on your browser.

You can print a packing slip while getting a label on Create Label screen or on the Fulfillment Pipeline screen.

On the screens, there is the Print Packing Slip button:

Once you clicked, you have two options;

  • Packing slip only

  • Packing slip and label page by page.

Packing Slip Only

With Packing Slip Only option, you will preview and print packing slips for the selected order(s).

Packing Slip and Label.

You have another option, packing slip and label page by page. If your order has a label, when you use this option, the packing slip appears first and label next. So, you can print necessary documents for an order at the same time.

Let's underline that you can do these operations for multiple orders.

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