You have a new product and want to create it with an image of it?

You can add an image while creating your product or you can add it later by editing an existing product.

As you know, MyLogiwa accepts only image URLs with the png, jpeg, jpg formats.

But sometimes products have no image URL. In its case, you can use the following way.

Let's say you are a delicious cupcake seller. You took the pictures of your products on a camera or your phone and put them on your computer. But wait, what is that? MyLogiwa accepts these images you add to your products as URLs. However, you haven't got any URLs for your images. Here is an alternative solution!

With the Dropbox application, you can upload these pictures to the cloud system. Then you'll have an URL for pictures. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up for the Dropbox app and download the app

  2. Click the Dropbox app

3. Or, click the Dropbox icon on your taskbar

4. Click the file icon in the Dropbox application

5. Once you click the file icon, your dropbox file will be open. Note that, step 2 goes directly to this step.

6. Drag and drop the image on the file.

7. This picture you added from your computer will come to Dropbox's web application

8. Click on the picture. A new page will open. On this page, you must right click on the image and say 'open image in new tab' in the window that opens.

9. Now your URL is ready for your picture! Copy the URL in the window that opens and use it in MyLogiwa. It's that simple!

What's Next?

Now you've learned to add an image with no URL to MyLogiwa. It's time to experience creating a shipment order. Don't have enough inventory on hand, no worries, you can create a purchase order, too.

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