• Say hello to our new interface on our login and sign up screens! We really like this new interface! We believe you will like it too!


  • From now on, you can see your vendor's company nickname while you're editing a Purchase Order.

  • Product Listings screen has SKU and Product Name columns which represent the matched MyLogiwa fields for the downloaded listing.

  • When you click the Cancel button, a confirmation popup will show up to get your permission. After you approve the cancellation, the operation will be completed.

  • General improvements for the inventory levels.


  • On the Product Listings page, the Product Name column was not automatically selected. We fixed this, now the Product Name column will be automatically selected on this page.

  • Save actions with the Enter button caused double or triple save action. We fixed that issue.

  • Order with the order code "so-100" was not imported in the Shipment Order import template file because of the error "This order code already exists". We fixed this problem. Now, this order can be received without any problems.

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