• Say hello to our onboarding popups! These popups that will appear in Sign Up screen; they will help you understand more about MyLogiwa.

  • Channel Base Sales Report is now available. With this report, you can see the number of products' quantity you sold and look at your calculated revenue.

  • On the Inventory page; We have added the "Damage Reason" structure to the Add and Remove inventory sidebars! In this way, you can now group your products on the basis of damage reason and manage your inventories efficiently.


  • We renewed the settings screens! With this new design, they look very handsome!

  • We also renewed the New Password page! Now, this page is also suitable for new screen designs!

  • You will now see the e-mails received through MyLogiwa as "MyLogiwa Notification" in your inbox.

  • The Location column on the Shipment Order screen has been removed.


  • We narrowed the gaps between the Password acceptance text on the login and signup pages. This was causing problems for some devices and screen resolutions.

  • There was a scrolling problem in the Get Rate and Label and Amazon Setup Configuration pages. We were having difficulty pressing the buttons as we could not go down on the screen. We solved this problem.

  • During the integration; the second time the same setup is done, the amount of inventory that needs to be updated was not updated. This issue has also been fixed.

  • After deleting Amazon FBA setup; when setup is done again with the same information (with the same credentials); it was causing problems on orders and inventories. We fixed this confusion.

  • When Edit Purchase Order (and also Edit Shipment Order) is made; if there are two products in the order; The pack types of these products were mixed. We have eliminated this problem.

  • When an order was selected on the Edit Shipment Order page or Fulfillment Pipeline pages, these pages were opening a little late. We fixed this problem. These pages will now be at your service faster.

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