Hello everyone! We have super exciting news for you! You are now able to run not only your inventories but also your warehouse processes through MyLogiwa as well! We've done so many things. Without further talking, here are the notes from this release:


  • It was asked a lot, and we finally put it at your service! Say hello to the Warehouse screen. On this screen, you can add more than one warehouse, define your locations to these warehouses, make adjustments of your warehouses and locations' settings and make your inventory and warehouse operations for multiple warehouse and location!

  • You can make your receiving processes using the Receiving Station screen. You can easily perform receivings based on the products or purchase orders from this screen.

  • We have put a button on the shipment order screen under the name 'Create Picking Tasks'. You can see this button by clicking on the orders where you can assign picking tasks. By using this button, you will be able to start your picking task operations.

  • On the Shipment Order screen, you will notice the 'Cancel Picking Tasks' button when you click on the orders you placed a picking task. By using this button, you can cancel the picking task processes that you assigned to your order.

  • You assigned a picking task to your order. Your order is now allocated. After this point; The Order Picking screen is available which is the screen where you will pick up your products and complete the picking process.

  • You can now transfer your inventories from one location to another on a product basis. Just use the Put-Away screen for this!

  • Let's say you want to move all of your inventory in one location to another. You can now do this in MyLogiwa. For this, you should use the screen named Location Transfer.

  • While giving location-based inventory data of our inventory page; We present you with an inventory report screen independent of the location. With Consolidate Inventory, you can review your location-independent inventories.

  • With the PO receiving report, you can see the history of your received purchase orders, based on the quantity you have received.

  • Under the new 'Print Document' button, you can print out your packing slips and also print out your picking lists. You can use this button for your documents to printing. The button appears on shipment orders that meet the conditions.


  • We slightly changed and renewed the visual designs of the Company Settings and Account Settings screens. All of these are for you to use these screens comfortably!

  • On the Fulfillment Pipeline screen, you will no longer be able to cancel an order using the drag and drop method. You will need to use the "Cancel Order" button to cancel your order.

  • We made some changes to the inventory screen. In addition to available and total quantities, we now have two more quantity types named free and allocated quantity.

  • We have added two new selectable columns named free quantity and allocated quantity in the inventory screen. You can choose these columns as you wish, and control whether or not these columns appear on the screen.

  • We changed the term available quantity in the sidebars on the inventory page to free quantity.


  • Fixed some visual issues on login and sign up pages.

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