Hi! We are coming back to you with many updates and bug fixes. We fixed many processes in this short time. Let's take a look at what we have done:


  • On the Inventory page, we have added fields where you can select the warehouse and location of the product to the sidebars opened with Add-Adjust and Remove buttons.


  • We have added a column named 'Inventory Status' to the Consolidated Inventory report. So you'll be able to separate inventory based on its statuses on the warehouse as an overview.

  • Warehouse and Location are now searchable on Inventory screens.

  • In the Consolidated Inventory report; We added sorting function to SKU, UPC, Product Name, Pack Type, Product Type, Product Group, Warehouse, and Damage Reason columns.

  • We added a column named as "Job Code" to the Shipment Order screen. In this way, you will be able to see and follow the job code of the orders that are started in the picking processes.

  • We have added tooltips to the inventory screen to assist you in the quantity fields.

  • The add-adjust and remove buttons will no longer appear for inventory rows whose inventory status is Picked.

  • We added new fields to the export file of inventory. Allocated Quantity, Free Quantity, Inventory Status, Damage Reason, Location, and Warehouse are the newly added columns.

  • Character restrictions have been imposed on the areas on the Warehouse and Location screens.

  • We have updated some restrictions on editing shipment orders whose picking task processes have started. You will no longer be able to edit your orders whose allocation processes have started.

  • We changed the available quantity structure in our Available To Promise (ATP) and Safety Stock reports.

  • General performance improvements.


  • We fixed an issue that prevented MyLogiwa from opening on the Shopify App.

  • The quantity problems created by picking operations have been solved.

  • On the Put-Away and Receiving with Products screens, there was a focusing problem when you turn back from the Damage reason selection. We fixed this focusing problem.

  • On the Order Picking screen; in the task skips made after entering the product; The previous product information remained in the fields. The screen was not cleaning. We fixed this issue.

  • On the Putaway, Receiving with Product, Receiving with Purchase Order, and Picking screens when a wrong product barcode is scanned, the Quantity field was not cleared. It has been fixed.

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