To pick an order, the picking process should be started before. To learn how to start the picking process, you can read this article.

To pick an order, the order should meet the following conditions. Otherwise picking cannot be started for the order.

  • The 'WMS Status' of the order should be 'Started'

  • The 'Job Code' field should have an auto-created warehouse picking job number.


  1. Go to the Warehouse Ops and choose the Order Picking screen.

2. Scan or type in a Pick To Location. The Pick To Location is a target location that can be a mobile car, a box, a pallet, or a tote where you will pick the items into.

3. After scanning the Pick to Location, click the Next button.

4. Scan or type in the Order Code that you want to pick.

5. Click the Start Picking button.

At the top of the screen, there's a summary of the picking task. To pick the order you need to follow these instructions. The instruction tells that, go to the Pick From Location first, find the Product on the image with the correct Packaging Type, and take some Quantity from the location.

6. When you arrive at the source location, scan, or type in the Pick From Location.

7. Scan the product's barcode on the Product field.

8. Choose the correct packaging type on the Pack Type field.

9. Enter the Pick Quantity on the Pick Qty field.

10. Click the Pick button

11. When all items are picked, the system will inform you. So, you can continue with another order

Next Order: When you click this button, the system will direct you to scan another Order Code. You'll continue to pick items into the same location.

Change Pick To Location: When you click this button, the system will direct you to scan another Pick To Location. The process will continue with the upper steps.

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