Warehouse order picking refers to the necessary labor and parts involved in pulling an item from inventory to fulfill a customer’s order.


Choose Orders

To start picking for an order or multi-order, go to the Shipment Order screen.

Select the orders which you want to give a start picking.

Give a Start to Picking

After you choose the orders, the Start Picking button will appear on the right upper side of the screen. Click the Start Picking button.

When you click the Start Picking button

  • The 'WMS Status' of the orders will change to 'Started'

  • The 'Job Code' field will be filled as an auto-created warehouse picking job number.


To start picking for orders the following conditions should be applied:

  1. Products of the relevant order should have enough inventory, then you can start picking.

If there is not enough inventory within the warehouse, this means that there'll be a shortage to fulfill the order. So you cannot click the 'Start Picking' button.

2. The 'Status' of the order should be 'Ready to Pack' or 'Ready to Ship'. These statuses mean that there is enough inventory to pick, pack, and ship the order. So you can start picking for the orders.

If the 'Status' of the order is 'Sortage', this means that there is not enough inventory in the stock. In this way, you cannot click the 'Start Picking' button.

If the 'Status' of the order is any of 'Cancelled', or 'Shipped', this means that the order is already finalized.

3. If the picking process is already started for an order, you cannot click the 'Start Picking' button.

What's Next?

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Before picking the items, don't postpone to optimize the walking picking path.

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