To cancel the picking process follow the steps.

  1. Go to the Shipment Order screen

  2. Chose the order(s) that you want to cancel picking process.

3. After you choose the order(s), the Cancel Picking button will appear on the right upper side of the screen. Click the Cancel Picking button.

When you click the Cancel Picking button

  • The 'WMS Status' of the orders will change to 'Started' to 'Entered'

  • The 'Job Code' field will turn to empty.


  1. You can cancel the picking process of an order even if the picking is started within the warehouse.

In this situation, the order's open picking tasks cannot be picked by the picker anymore.

Already picked items should remain in the pick to location. To transfer these items to the previous locations, you need to do item transfer on the Put-Away screen.

What's Next?

You've canceled the picking process, but don't worry! You can start picking again.

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