In the "How Do I Receive Product by Scanning its Barcode?" document, it was explained how to receive a product without a purchase order. In this document, we will describe the receiving process of a damaged product.


  1. Click the Receiving Station button under the Warehouse Ops screen.

2.Click the Start Receiving With Product button.

3. Scan or type in the product's barcode on the Product field.

4. Click the Damage button.

5. On the Receiving Station / Product / Damage screen, choose a damage reason. We remind you that you cannot create a new damage reason from this screen.

6.Click the Confirm button.

* On the Receiving Station / Product screen, with Cross button you can remove the damage reason.

7. Enter the Quantity on the Quantity field that you want to receive.

8. Scan or type in a Receiving Loc. The Receiving Loc is a target location where you will receive the items.

9. Click the Receive button.

End Receiving

If you do not want to complete the action, you can press this button. This button will direct you to the main screen where you can select a receiving type.

Congratulations! By completing the process, you have completed the receiving inventory with a product barcode scanning.

What's Next?

Now you've learned to receive inventory on a damaged product. It's time to check the PO Receiving Report for review of the operational actions of a specific product.

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