Receiving a purchase order is a record when products delivered by orders from your supplier.

To receive a purchase order at your warehouse, follow the following steps.


1. Click the Receiving Station button under the Warehouse Ops screen.

2. Click the Start Receiving With Purchase Order button.

3. Scan or type in the Order Code that you want to receive.

You'll see a product list on the screen. These products are included in the purchase order.

  • If you want to continue without selecting a product, click the Next button.

  • If you want to receive any of this listed product, click the Select button to continue with that.

  • If you want to see entire purchase order lines, click the Load More button.

When the Receiving Station / PO screen opens; PO-Code, SKU, Pack Type, Pending Quantity, Quantity, and Receiving Location fields appear. Since the Select button is used; the SKU, pack type, and pending quantity fields are automatically filled on the screen. Descriptions of these fields are explained below.

PO-Code: Shows the barcode of the scanned purchase order. It is the order subjected to the receiving process.

SKU: Shows the SKU of the product in the order. The product with this SKU will be received.

Pack Type: It shows the pack type of the product in the order. Piece or boxes?

Pending Quantity: The Pending Quantity field shows how many items are in the order.

Quantity: It shows the quantity you will receive.

Receiving Location: This is the field where you will make the receiving process.

4. Choose the correct packaging type on the Pack Type field.

5. Enter the Quantity on the Quantity field that you want to receive.

6. Scan or type in a Receiving Loc. The Receiving Loc is a target location where you will place the items in.

7. Click the Receive button.

End Receiving

If you do not want to complete the action, you can press this button. This button will direct you to the main screen where you can select a receiving type.

Congratulations! By completing the process, you have completed the receiving inventory with a product barcode scanning.

Need more info? Watch our Receiving with Purchase Order screen training:

What's Next?

Now you've learned how to receive a purchase order. It's time to learn receiving with only product barcode.

Check the PO Receiving Report to have full control of the receiving process.

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