You can create a product pack type while creating a product. But you can also create a new product pack type separately to use them on products later. If you want to learn what is pack type and why you need them, please check this article.

In this document, we explained how to create, edit, or delete your product pack types.


  1. Click your profile icon and choose Settings > Account Settings.

2. Click the Product Settings and choose Pack types.

Create a new pack type

To create a new product pack type, click the Add Ne Pack Type button.

Simply type the name of the product pack type and save it.

Delete a product pack type

To delete an unused product pack type, drag your mouse to that line and click the Delete icon.

To delete a product pack type it should meet some requirements:

  1. Product pack type shouldn't be used in a product

  2. Product pack type shouldn't have a stock transaction history

Edit a product pack type

If you want to edit a product pack type, click the Right Arrow (>) button on the line.

What's Next?

Now you've learned how to define the pack types to your account. It's time to learn how to define them for your products.

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