Hi everyone! 👋 We are here with great features! We made all these features for you! Let's see what we did and what we fixed without further ado:


  • Different businesses have different needs. From now on, you can choose your account plan as Life-Time Free and WMS Basic! You can choose the Life-Time free plan for your inventory controlling and choose the WMS Basic plan to manage your warehouse operations.

  • Say hello to the Workflow screen! Go here to learn the details of this brand new feature that we have developed completely for you.

  • You can add a parent pack type for a product by managing the UOM package type and UOM ratio.

  • You can now create and manage warehouse-based orders! For Purchase Order and Shipment Order, we added the Warehouse field. Thus, you will be able to separate orders for warehouses. Don't forget that, to choose a warehouse you should be part of WMS Basic.

  • The Pack Types section came to Product Settings on the Settings screen. Thus, the pack types of the products defined in the account can be managed. Furthermore, new pack types can be added from this screen.

  • You can add more users to your account. Don't forget that, to choose a warehouse you should be part of WMS Basic


  • The steps in Create Shipment Order and Create Purchase Order have changed. Now the Order Details step will be first.

  • The product pack type selection is available on the inventory screen. During Add Inventory and Remove Inventory, you can choose a package type of the product.

  • During the picking process, the information about how many of the products picked will be at the bottom of the screen.

  • During the put-away process, the information of the transferred product will appear at the bottom of the screen.

  • During the receiving process, the last receipt information will be at the bottom of the screen. Thus, the information about how many receipts were made from which product can be seen.

  • The Job Code field was added to Picking List.

  • Some controls have been put in place for the deletion of an internal warehouse.

  • Amazon FBA - External warehouse can no longer be removed from Warehouse screens. Note that you need to delete your Amazon FBA integration in order to remove this warehouse.


  • Problems with the Skip Task function of the picking processes have been fixed.

  • On the Batch Label screen, if the carrier doesn't return a label, the screen was given an error. It has been fixed.

  • There were problems in scanning the barcodes coming to the Picking List. We solved the problem.

  • Added more bugs to fix later! 😄

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