Hi everyone! 👋 This time we are not too separate from you, we cleared some problems and added some updates. Here are the notes for this release:


  • We made arrangements and improvements for User Invite mail content.

  • You can change your warehouse successfully in purchase orders. Let us remind you that the status of the purchase order must be pending in order to do this.

  • Warehouse and location columns were added to the inventory import file schema.

  • We updated all the fonts of import template files. They are more organized right now. Also, we have made your work easier by changing the location of some columns in the Purchase Order and Shipment Order.

  • We changed the location of the total quantity field on the Inventory screen. This column will now be to the left of the available quantity.


  • We fixed strange icons in Settings> Company Settings> Billing and Shipment Address sidebars.

  • After the integration initial download, there were some problems in currencies. The currency in the store was not updating in MyLogiwa. We fixed this issue.

  • The pack type sidebar for products coming through Import caused an error on the screen and no action could be taken. We fixed the problem.

  • The task's 'From Location' was not updated for a Partially Picked job. We fixed it.

  • We fixed a number of problems that caused an error on the Workflow screen.

  • Delete account reasons were not displayed on the Delete Your Account screen. The account could not be deleted. We fixed this issue even though we didn't want to.😊

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