Workflow Basics explains what workflow is, lists many (but not all) of the tasks it can automate, what makes workflow make, and when the workflow applies to orders.

1.What is a Workflow ( automation rule)?

2. How does workflow work?

i. Triggers: Initiators of a flow

ii. Conditions: Criteria of a flow

iii. Actions: What will apply to orders

3. Workflow generating (Video)

4. When does automation apply to orders?

5. Email automation (Video)

6. Email automation: Send email action is explained

7. Workflow examples
8. Create a rule with multiple conditions and multiple actions

Automation rules are powerful tools that will save you a ton of time. Use them with care, as they can automatically change shipping preferences and debit your postage and shipping accounts. Always test rules on a small group of orders (for example two to four orders) before applying broadly. Know and understand the shipping services in detail. Read all relevant documentation before auto-shipping orders.

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