Automation applies to orders when one of the following occurs:

  1. If the trigger is " Created"

  • When an order import via excel file into MyLogiwa

  • When an order is created manually

  • When an order is downloaded from a sales channel

2. Is the trigger is " Updated"

Please be careful when using this trigger because there can be too many variants that cause to update orders.

  • When a change happens in the order. The system may the cause of the change as well ( for ex: auto status change), or the SAVE button is used on the order.

  • When an order is updated manually by a user (any changed detail on the order)

  • When an order is updated based on the sales channel

  • When the shipment rate is got or a label is generated for the order

  • When the label is canceled

Please note: Automation rules are only applied to orders that are placed after the automation rule has been created, and are not applied retroactively to existing orders.

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