Hi everyone! 👋 We've published some features that for you and fixes to MyLogiwa these days. Here are these features and bug fixes:


  • Say hello to the Import Location screen. You will be able to import your warehouse locations into MyLogiwa with the help of importing from your Excel file! We remind you that the feature is only supported by the Basic Plan.

  • Most of the fields such as Product Type, Product Group, etc are available to select within a combo-box list.

  • Now, different pack types of the product can be added within a shipment order or a purchase order.

  • "Single Order?" filter was added on the Shipment Order and Fulfillment Pipeline screen.

  • In the create and edit screens of Shipment Order and Purchase Order, the product SKU and the product name will be seen together on the screen.

  • On the Order Picking screen, if the job code is scanned and picking is started, the job code and order code will be seen on the screen both.


  • Now, when you create a purchase order or shipment order from within the application, you will be able to see the order code on the incoming success screen. When this order code is clicked, you will be able to filter based on the order code.

  • On the PO Receiving Screen, we've added a "Load More" to show all the products within the PO.


  • When any field with a numeric value is selected on the workflow screen and this value is changed, the screen gives an error. (Error Code: 500). We've fixed that issue.

  • On the Order Picking screen, we were always typing UOM Pack Type (like piece) instead of pack type in the information message received after the picking process. This situation caused confusion of pack types of products in terms of information. This issue was also the same for PutAway. Fixes have also been made for the PutAway screen.

  • Improvements and fixes have been made on the Workflow screen.

  • If you see any other problem, we will call it "It is a feature, not a bug" -no just kidding. Just write to us immediately. 😳

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