Hi everyone! 👋 Hope you are healthy and well! We've worked a lot for you and fixed to MyLogiwa these days. Here are these features and bug fixes:


  • Say hello to the "Send Email" action on the Workflow! You will now be able to create e-mail notifications on the workflow. You can send these emails to the buyer, a team member, a third-party fulfillment provider, etc. Isn't that great!?

  • You'll be able to export Warehouse Locations on the Location screen.

  • We add a helper (?) button to the Workflow screen. You'll be able to reach Help Center directly on the screen.


  • "Single Order?" filter has been added on the Shipment Order and Fulfillment Pipeline screens.

  • Now a confirmation popup will appear while canceling picking. These processes will be canceled in line with your approval.

  • You'll be able to delete inactive users on the Users & Roles screen.

  • Added a Walkme walkthrough for the Workflow screen.

  • In Inventory and Consolidated inventory reports, lines with status picked, packed, shipped and the total quantity of 0 will no longer appear.


  • In some cases in the Edit Shipment Order, the available quantity notification was wrong. We solved it fastly!

  • When we tried to move orders with an allocation process from ready to ship to the shortage, it would give an unexpected error. We quickly fixed the problem.

  • Address changes for billing and shipment address on the Company Settings page were not receiving updates. We were not changing these addresses because of a problem. We fixed this.

  • On the Order Picking screen, the last picked item info was wrong because of the wrong pack type info. We updated this information to the processed pack type.

  • If there are spaces at the beginning of the cell in import files, it could cause errors. We trim all cells before import data.

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