Hi everyone! 👋 We are closing the year 2020. (Yeah, finally! Bye-bye 2020! We won't miss you.)

We've released new features and fixed some problems for you these days. Here are the features and bug fixes:



  • From now on, you can select your ship from address on the get rate and the label screen depending on the order's warehouse location or shipping location that you entered on the company settings page.

  • On the dashboard's history fields, the grid selection buttons have been removed.

  • On the workflow screen, the fields that are located on the action and condition arranged in alphabetical order.


  • On the workflow screen, a selected value was deselecting when the field is closed. We fixed it.

  • In the Firefox browser; on the "Sign in with Shopify", if a URL longer than 21 characters with store name is pasted into the store name field, the screen was giving an error. We fixed it.

  • After the stock transfer operation was performed for the inventory screen with products that have product type, product group on it, the product type and product group fields could not be filtered. We fixed this.

  • Performance improvements for the system for the bulk processes.

🤔Wait, what? That's all? No, of course, just wait for the upcoming weeks. We are working on a big thing for you!

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