In MyLogiwa you can define your parent pack types in 2 different ways;

  1. In Product Screen

  2. During the product import

The Product Screen

For selecting pack types for your product, you must define these pack types in your account. If you want to learn how to do it, please check this article.

1-Select your product on the product screen and click the "Add & Edit Pack Type" Button

2-When the sidebar opens, click the "Add Parent Pack Type" button. After selecting your parent pack type, enter your UOM Ratio, and click the "Save" button.

You can also change your items UOM pack type / Parent Pack Type Weight and Unit values on this screen.

Changing or deleting the parent pack type

After defining your parent pack type, you can also delete or change it on the same sidebar.

But, keep in mind, if a defined pack type is ever used for any inventory movements or orders, MyLogiwa prevents it from deleting or editing for ensuring your data reliability.

For editing your pack type, simply follow the same steps for defining it. After the sidebar opens you can edit desired fields.

If you want to delete or define another pack type for a product, you can use the Delete parent pack type unless you never use it on inventory movements or orders.

For changing it, click on the "Delete parent pack type" button and then repeat the adding steps.

Defining the Parent Pack Type while Product Import

As you can see in this article, you can easily import your products in MyLogiwa. Here is the trick for defining Parent Pack Types while importing;

There are 5 different columns at your service

UOM Initial Quantity

UOM initial Quantity on hand of your product. If you want to add inventory while creating a product, you should type your quantity on hand.

UOM Pack Type

A package type of your product. It is UOM. Free text field. If the written data is not recorded to MyLogiwa, a new one will be created.

UOM Ratio per Pack Type

It is a unit ratio that the item is packaged. For example, you order water by a single bottle and a six-pack bottle. The "Bottle" is defining a unit of measure, "Pack" is your parent pack type and 6 represents its ratio(six-pack).

Parent Pack Type

It is a parent pack type that covers all of your UOM pack type products. It can be a box, a bag, etc.

Parent Pack Type Initial Quantity

Quantity on hand of the parent pack type of the product.

What's Next?

Now you've learned how to define the parent pack types. It's time to learn how to Upload your Products via file.

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