Happy new year everyone! 🎅 We've released new features and fixed some problems for you these days. Here are our gifts for you!


  • We are delighted to present one of our greatest gifts, the Packing Station screen! You can find it under the Warehouse Ops screen.


  • Fulfillment Pipeline and Shipment Order screens merged under Sales link. Likewise, Products and Inventory screens were combined under the Inventory link. Just click on the Logiwa button to return to your dashboard.

  • The delete button in Workflow has changed from gray to red. (It got better like this.)

  • When a label is received for the shipment order, the unnecessary and nonfunctional add tracking number field appears on the edit page of that order. This field has been removed.

  • Some of the field names on the Workflow screen have been shortened. Also, the fields are now opened in popup form.

  • General improvements and optimizations especially for the bulk processes.


  • Some problems within package limitations for selectable columns have been fixed.

  • In the condition sections on the Workflow screen, Between comparator only gave one date field. We fixed the problem.

  • In some cases, a part called actions appeared in selectable columns, when it was selected it gave an error to stop the screen. We fixed the problem.

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